Living in peace with your personal finances, 2 real-life stories!

Living in peace with your personal finances is quite a challenge!

To help you succeed financially, here are 2 stories from a friend, ex-investment advisor, with her clients.

You will undoubtedly recognize yourself through these 2 cases related by a woman with a lot of experience in the field of personal finance. I invited her to share her experience and her passion for the budget!

Because I like to interact with people who have a different opinion from mine.

And you will see that Barbara – unlike me! – is a real budget fan!

Where we meet is that the objective is to live a life that resembles us!

So, here is the question I asked him:

Is it really possible to have peace of mind with your personal finances?

Personal finances are more of a concern than you might think. They make us experience all kinds of emotions such as embarrassment, uncertainty, fear and stress.

Are you one of those? You are not alone!

Let me tell you four stories that I really lived!

1 I pounded on my pride!

Let me tell you Mélanie’s story.

She calls me one day and says to me: “It took all my little change to call you, I pounded on my pride but I need help with my budget”. We make an appointment.

She is in debt and would like to get out of it once and for all. A year earlier, she had slipped a word about her debt to her husband and the latter, to help her, paid off his debts. Then she got into debt again …

But her partner does not know. And she doesn’t want to tell him so as not to create unease in her relationship.

And now she is devoured by her situation and her ultimate goal: to hold her head up. What she did!

How? ‘Or’ What?

We built its budget together. We have established its income and expenses.

And also, we looked at how to divide his expenses against his income.

But the most important thing was a tip I gave her and she applied.

What tip did you give Mélanie to regain control of her personal finances?

I offered to collect her bills for a period of 3 months, which she did. This is how she was able to realize where her problem was.

She saw that she was over-consuming for unnecessary things. And that’s what pushed her into debt.

Watching her behavior, it was easy for her to stop buying what she didn’t need.

2 I want to be reassured!

And Vicky, despite the good income of both spouses, was in financial uncertainty. She didn’t know where the money was going. However, she spoke about it to her husband. But without a satisfactory answer.

Because for him, it was less important …

Also, she decided to do my training. And this despite the reluctance of her spouse.

What convinced Vicky to worry about her personal finances?

Maybe it was his little perfectionist side? Anyway, I felt she needed to know.

We started to supplement his budget together. And I gave him my infallible tip; that of picking up your bills for 3 months. What she did religiously!

She was at home at the time, on maternity leave. She said to herself: “With the baby, I go out a lot less, so I don’t spend”. What a surprise for her to find that she went out more than she thought! Indeed, she made expenses which were not useless… Since it was for the needs of the baby!

She adjusted her budget according to her real expenses. She was a little disappointed because it cost her more than she would have liked. But then she had a lot fewer questions.

And also, I made him see… his potential. That she could succeed in her personal finances!

Making a budget has been a blessing for her!

Now she knows exactly where her money is going. And even better, she saw that it was possible to save for the purchase of a car, in 3 years!

She was finally able to talk to her partner about what was bothering her. And the best part is that he could see that she asked for nothing other than to be financially reassured.

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