Have you caught the 4 big traps of financial management?

With the rapid development of the Internet, many types of wealth management platforms have appeared one after another, and have continued to grow in scale. These wealth management platforms have acquired a large number of customers with advantages such as low threshold, high return, fast and convenient. Faced with all kinds of financial management, people will fall into the trap of financial management if they are not careful. So, what are the pitfalls of financial management?

Investment and financial management trap: unqualified trading software on investment platforms has backdoors

In recent years, various investment trading platforms have sprung up. Most of these platforms are trading venues built using computer software, which will contain some trading indicators, trend charts, K-lines and other elements. The trading varieties involve futures and spot commodities such as foreign exchange, crude oil, gold, silver, and rare metals. The legal identities of such platforms are in doubt, and the phenomenon of customer fraud is not uncommon, causing serious losses to investors and easily triggering public disputes.

Investment and financial management trap: Internet financial management does not have real-name property guarantees

With the increasing penetration of the Internet into people’s economic lives, financial management on online platforms has also emerged, typically including P2P online loans, crowdfunding and so on. Among them, the substantial increase in P2P network loan cases has become a prominent phenomenon in financial trials in recent years. A single loan on some P2P platforms involves a large number of investors, and it is difficult for individuals to recover the debt. Therefore, there are generally credit transfer clauses in the relevant transaction contracts. That is, once the borrower breaches the contract, all investors agree to transfer the credit to P2P platform, the platform carries out creditor recovery.

Investment and financial management trap: Throw high-return bait and target middle-aged and elderly people

Financial institutions often use high returns, celebrity endorsements, advertising bombings, luxury stores, etc. to attract investors, and focus on promotion for middle-aged and elderly people. Regulatory authorities should strengthen the management of MLM advertising for such financial wealth management products, and relevant government departments can also mobilize social forces to strengthen investor education through multiple channels.

Investment and financial management trap: Irregular operation of investment in private equity

Private equity investment has played an important role in encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship, but the legal framework for regulating private equity needs to be further improved. There are still many unsolved problems in the establishment and operation of private equity investment.

For example, the Shanghai court recently accepted a financial entrusted wealth management contract dispute. A certain person signed an investment agreement with a fund company, agreeing to invest 4 million yuan to entrust the fund company to purchase the equity of a non-listed company. If the company’s IPO succeeds, the exit operation will continue. , If it is unsuccessful, it will conduct mergers and acquisitions, and then the defendant will be involved in the lawsuit because the defendant has not purchased the shares of the agreed company. In this case, the two parties disputed whether the equity investment activities exceeded the business scope of the fund company. Upon review, the court found that the plaintiff’s funds actually came from dozens of natural persons.

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